Ninja Sport (the sport of Ninja Warrior, ninja warrior sport also called ninja competitions or ninjathletics) is an obstacle course racing sport, a variant with rock climbing, parkour and gymnastics contributions.
It is a spin-off of Japanese obstacle course TV game show “Sasuke” aka “Ninja Warrior”. The flagship events are the various unlicensed copies of and officially franchised Ninja Warrior TV shows. Athletes who compete in ninja warrior competitions refer to themselves as ninjas, though also sometimes call themselves “ninja warriors”, “ninja athletes”, or “ninjathletes”.
Ninja Sport is in the category of functional fitness sports, along with CrossFit, and parkour, which are less style conscious than many other sports, but more focused on acquiring skills and abilities.

Ninja Warrior is a new form of competitive movement where athletes compete against one another in overcoming various upper and lower body obstacles. Our goal is to transform the “Ninja Warrior” movement started by the international reality TV show, into a recognized sport that will ultimately be accepted into the Olympic Games.
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 Disciplines of the sport:

  • including individual competition
  • team-based competition
  • head-to-head competition
  • head-to-head team competition
  • relay competition
  • head-to-head relay competition.