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Pretty Huge Obstacles

At Pretty Huge Obstacles, we level up your OCR game with the largest indoor obstacle training facility in Southeast Asia and our expert coaching. We will work together in building your strength and conditioning your body for optimal performance so you can conquer any obstacle.

Pretty Huge Obstacle shall lead the obstacle sports industry in testing and pushing the boundaries of innovation of health and fitness in the Philippines and its neighboring countries in Asia. Our 100+ obstacles and their flexible configurations allow our team to creatively design them to provide a challenging and rewarding experience that is different each and every time. Because we believe obstacle sports is more exciting in a group, we shall provide for all members a team-building atmosphere that is dynamic, motivational, and encouraging. Communities promoting fitness, good health, and growth are built at Pretty Huge Obstacles. As we learn more and evolve, we will seek to perfect this safe, collaborative, and energetic environment until we seize the world stage as an international brand.

Coaching Staff

Anthony Goenaga
Assistant Trainer
Paul Pressey
Advance Scout

Lions team

18Danylo TesenkoOpen180100
12Justin LeggattGET warriorOpen19090
10John WoolleyPretty Huge ObstaclesMen 39+ y/o, Women 25 -35 y/o, Women 36+ y/o19090
1Ionescu Cezar (Batman)-Men, Men 17 -27 y/o, Open--