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About the IXGL

International Xcellence Games League is founded and organized by competitive athletes and it’s open to everyone that is willing to have their physical and mental skills challenged in an organized and safe environment. 

We are living in uncertain times caused by a viral epidemic that started in the spring of 2020 and changed the way people interact socially at local level as well as at a global scale. People’s health came at risk not only due to an unseen virus but also to the lack of exercise due to gyms and outdoor training sites being closed. With the reopening of the gyms and training grounds our goal is to bring back people to an active and competitive lifestyle and help struggling gyms survive these times and not go out of business.

As Warriors we adapt to the difficulty of the course and overcome its obstacles. In the same way we are adapting to the current global situation by organizing the League’s competitions online where athletes from around the world don’t have to travel outside their areas but compete at their local gyms with the competitions being live streamed.

IXGL leaderboards

Each participating Gym will dedicate one day of the month, usually on the weekend, when a predetermined course will be set up for participants to compete and accumulate XPs for their placings in the IXGL leaderboards. The course can be presented to the Gym members prior to the competition date when they can train and practice the skills to conquer the course to their best physical and mental abilities. The Gym may present their courses online as well to attract the interest of more participants in their areas. The same course shall be available for a 4 week period so people that can’t make it to the event on one weekend can get a chance to compete on another weekend.

GYM Competitors

Each Gym shall provide a Time Keeper to track and record the completion time of the course for each competitor. The competition shall be judged by IXGL Judges that may be on location or off site viewing the live stream remotely.

Competitors shall be scheduled to compete in time slots with the length of the time slots to be determined by the Gyms based of how many Competitors register to compete. Gyms have the discretion to allow or not allow any spectators at the competitions based on their local regulations with respect to social distancing procedures.

Competition brings out the best in us… Obstacle Course sport is brand new and international competition will push us all to train harder, dream bigger and set our sights on previously unimagined-horizons.

Cornel Nitache

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