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Mr Symmetry Ninja

Born and raised in Romania but have lived in Chicago since 1997.

Profession: Independent Master Personal Trainer.

Athletic background: practiced natural bodybuilding for over 30 years. Competed in numerous natural bodybuilding contests in US and Canada. Amongst the many awards I received the most symmetrical physique recognition hence the nick name Mr. Symmetry Ninja.  I switched from practicing bodybuilding to ninja warrior in 2015 and in 2016 also included bouldering as part of my training regiment.

I competed in numerous ninjas warrior competitions.

In 2018 I co-founded a ninja warrior league, Athlete Warrior Games, in the midwest USA. Same year I competed on Ninja Warrior Romania where I was a semifinalist.


You can find Cornel at the below link:


Air Rachel

Born and raised in the USA.

Rachel Findley is a multi sport athlete and ninja warrior with a passion for obstacle course racing and competitions. She has a background of over a decade in circus, artistic movement and dance, she considers all forms of fitness artforms. She trains over 20 hours per week, her workouts are including but not limited to: Ninja warrior, running, rock climbing, biking, hiking, swimming, parkour, calisthenics, aerial yoga, dance, aerial silks, acroyoga and weight lifting. She has podiumed in both local and national ninja, ocr, and calisthenics competitions. She is a big fan of adventure and the outdoors. She strongly believes in being a well-rounded athlete and is always exploring the limitless amazing ways athletes can move their bodies.

You can find Rachel on the below link:


Born and raised in Australia but has lived in Oregon since 2015.

Profession: Information Technology Security Consultant.

Athletic background: Martial arts and indoor soccer growing up but got right into Ninja Warrior after watching so many seasons of Sasuke from Japan and then later American Ninja Warrior.

Created the Aussie Ninja Warrior website to help train Australians in Ninja Sport and am now training in the US.  I love chatting about training, so please check out my training blog to see how I’m going.

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Super Mario Ninja

Nickname “Jaan Balke

-From Germany
-Studied Sport Science
-Background in different Extreme Sports like Snowboarding, Surfing, Parkour, Climbing, Skateboarding, Cliffdiving, Freestyle Trampoline and Fighting.
-Owns several Training Licenses for different Kind of Sports
-Build and owns the first Ninja Gym in Germany
-Is Obstacle Addicted and likes to build new Stuff
-Started the first Ninja Competitions in Germany besides the Show
-Also known as “Super Mario” because he competes in a Super Mario Outfit at Ninja Warrior Germany


-Tv Shows:
Competed in every Ninja Warrior Germany Season (1-5, Season 1 & 5 Finalist)
2 x Team Ninja Warrior Germany
1x Ninja Warrior Germany Allstars
1x Ninja Warrior Switzerland (Season 1, Finalist)
1x Big Bounce (Season 1, Finalist)
1x Eurogames (#1 with Team Germany)

You can find Jann at the below links:

Music Ninja

Leo is a game developer by day, ninja warrior by night, and musician all day long.  He has a diverse background of fitness that includes ninja warrior, rock climbing, aerial straps & silks, and calisthenics.  Outside of fitness, he has many interests and hobbies including game & software development, cosplay, several music instruments, singing, and DIY.  In his ninja career, he has made it to finals in NNL and AWG two years in a row, and UNAA finals for the first time in 2020.  He has recently started training aerial straps, and will start performing in 2021.

You can find Leo at the below link:


Born and raised in Romania

Profession: Freelancer in IT, Design & Architecture.

Athletic background: Started with ski, gymnastics and athletism. At the age of 10 (1986) I began to learn Japanese JuJutsu. Later I studied Wing Chun, Ki Aikido, Karate and Ninjutsu.

As former military self-defence instructor I was familiar with the challenges that SASUKE show promoted.

In 2014  I built first modular obstacle structure and organised small and backyard ninja warrior competitions in Romania. In 2018 I trained and coached most of the athletes that participated to Ninja Warrior Romania.

You can find Jedai at the below link:

Bearded Ninja

Full time Sponsored Ninja Warrior, Father, Business Director and Community worker. I love all things Ninja and am super excited about bringing the world of ninja that little bit closer together.

3x Ninja Warrior UK Grand Finalist
Sasuke 37 1st UK Invite
UNAA International Pro Finalist
Owner of Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Edinburgh
Chair of Ninja Sport UK

You can find Ali at the below links:


Helicopter sea rescuer of Malta maritime division. Specialized in Search and rescue in open waters and provide lifesaving techniques.

Owner of Obstacle Course Academy in Malta.







You can find Ivan at the below link:

Happy Socks Ninja

Born and raised in the Netherlands.

Profession: PE Teacher currently working on his Master degree in Sport Innovation.

Athletic background: Started doing parkour and Freerunning when he was younger. After the first season of Ninja-Warrior Holland in 2017 he got hooked to this new sport. Since then competing in Germany.

Always finding new challenges! If you need a new ninja-warrior challenge check out my Instagram!

You can find Jimmy at the link below:

Happy Socks Ninja


Nat is an exercise and is such a sports science nerd that she’s got her Masters in it.  She is strength and conditioning coach, masters ninja athlete and works with professional sporting teams on their training.

Nat likes to play (ie, train) as much as possible who suffers severe ground allergies… she’s always climbing, on ninja obstacles or inverted.  Do her feet ever touch the ground?  We’ve never seen it.

Nat has to train smart these days… being an awesome mature age athlete.

You can find Nat at the below link:

As Warriors we adapt to the difficulty of the course and overcome its obstacles. In the same way we are adapting to the current global situation by organizing the League’s competitions online where athletes from around the world don’t have to travel outside their areas but compete at their local gyms with the competitions being live streamed.

Competition brings out the best in us… Ninja Sport is brand new and international competition will push us all to train harder, dream bigger and set our sights on previously unimagined-horizons.

Cornel Nitache

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