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To bring the joy of international competition to every corner of the globe

The Mission of International Xcellence Games League is to encourage participation in the Obstacle Course spot internationally by providing a competitive platform based on experience points (XPs) to be ranked in multiple experience leaderboards (XLs). 

As one of our main goals is to motivate and encourage movement and exercise, IXGL welcomes under its organizational umbrella the participation of any Gyms from around the world that wish to organize competitions for their members/participants that can compete for placement on the Leaderboards amongst their own movement/sport. These Gyms can be Parkour, Climbing/Bouldering, OCR and so on.


  • To grow through meeting challenges and obstacles head on
  • To develop problem-solving skills, tenacity and perseverance
  • To become an important part of a supportive community
  • To improve their health through functional fitness